The UNSW Australia Business School is excited to announce the launch of our new website today.

There will be an outage of all UNSW Business School websites from 8am for approximately 4-7 hours, and our dedicated project team is working hard behind the scenes to launch the new website.

The UNSW Business School will also have a new web address, so make sure to bookmark it when you visit us.

This very large and complex project is a great achievement of extraordinary teamwork and visionary leadership. The UNSW Business School website features a new user friendly layout, up to date business information, easier search and more.

We are proud to introduce the “Mobile First” responsive design, which enables

The users will enjoy a contemporary design and easy navigation on this website.

As always, our dedicated team endeavour to bring you a superior user experience. You are welcome to share with us your experience and feedback on the new website.

In the meantime why don’t you visit our Facebook page